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Fashionable Protective Eyewear

Glasses to keep you both safe and stylish. Customize your lenses with anti-fog coating, blue-light protection, sunglass tints, and more.
Frames are FREE with the purchase of any lenses.

100% UV Protection

Blue Light Blocking

Rx Friendly Frames

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Personal Protective Glasses

PPE Glasses

Lensabl makes it easier than ever to find prescription and over-the-counter safety goggles that protect your eyes in hazardous settings. We provide personal protective equipment (PPE) goggles that you can trust for optimal safety on the job. Our convenient online ordering process ensures you receive the protective eyewear you need, fast, with or without prescription. Order personal protective eyewear from Lensabl for benefits as clear as your vision.

Durable PPE Frames

Your personal protective eyewear sees all, so it counts to have frames that withstand every challenge lying ahead. Lensabl's protective glasses feature shields along the sides and top to keep debris and bacteria away from your eyes. These frames are both durable and fashionable, helping you feel confident in your safety and style. Our PPE goggles are the perfect fit for medical professionals, lab technicians, university students and anyone else needing effective eye protection.

Prescription Lenses for PPE Glasses

Regular protective goggles can get in the way while you work, especially when you need prescription glasses to see. Say goodbye to bulky, foggy PPE and order prescription goggles from the internet's most trusted lens supplier.

Lensabl will fill your frames with single vision, progressive, bifocal or high-index lenses tailored to your prescription with complimentary blue-light-blocking and scratch-resistant coating upgrades. Now you can have one set of prescription glasses for all your administrative and laboratory duties.

Order Personal Protective Eyewear Online

Lensabl puts any lens in any frame, so order prescription or over-the-counter PPE glasses today!

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